PEAK Sit/Stand Height Adjustable Desk

A modern solution for dynamic workspaces.
This innovative electric desk seamlessly blends ergonomic design with versatility, allowing you to effortlessly transition between sitting and standing positions throughout your workday.

Elevate Your Work Experience

With a sleek and sturdy construction, it caters to your comfort and well-being, reducing strain and promoting healthier posture.

Whether you’re tackling tasks, collaborating with colleagues, or simply need a change of pace, the Sit/Stand Height Adjustable Desk offers the flexibility you need to stay productive and energized.

Customized your work desk

Design the perfect desk to complement your unique workspace style.

Desk Frame Colours

Black, White, and Silver

Desk Top Colours

Snow Velvet, Seal Grey, Silver Strata, Refined Oak and Classic Oak

Desk Top Style

Square Corners w/ Scalloped Cable Entry and Radius Corners w/ Cable Port Entry

Control Buttons

Standard 2-Button Control and
Smart 3 Button Memory Control Button