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Nowadays a library’s collection consists of items in a variety of different formats, as library users benefit from access to both online and physical resources.

Physical books continue to form a major part of most libraries’ collections however, and they get a lot of use. Exposure to sun, sand, water (both sea and bath), coffee, small children and dogs can take its toll. It can be incredibly frustrating to have to replace a brand new book that has lost the battle with the contents of a child’s backpack.

That’s where book protection and repair are so important. Of course, there will always be circumstances that defy all attempts to protect and prolong the life of a book, but there are some actions that can definitely help, and that will save you and your library time and money.

Protection – what’s best for your books

A protective cover will help to keep your books in good shape. Whether hardback or paperback, there are covering options to suit.

Superfold™ Book Jacket Cover 50 Micron Film is ideal for covering the jackets of hardback books.

It comes in six different sizes, and barcodes can easily be scanned through the clear gloss finish.

Special perforated folding guides give a quick, accurate fit and the recycled paper backing provides additional firmness and protection.

It’s archival safe, and the convenient storage and dispenser box means you cut only what you need.

Softcover books have a range of different self-adhesive covering options available.

The int. Self-Adhesive 80 Micron Book Covering is the “go-to” covering for paperbacks. With a polypropylene gloss finish it is durable and long lasting, and the release liner with printed grid makes it easy to apply. What’s more, it comes in ten different sizes so there’s one to fit every book.

If you’re after a heavier covering, the CircExtender® 125 Micron Laminate Book Covering is a great option. There are six sizes available, and they all come with a pre-cut strip on the release liner for super-easy peeling and placement.

The int. Self-Adhesive 180 Micron Book Covering Sheets are the ideal solution if you’re looking for a really firm cover. The rigid sheets come in packs of 25 and there are six different sizes to choose from.

You can use int. Clear Spine Tape to seal the covering sheets onto the book for extra hard-wearing protection.

There are int. non-adhesive coverings available too, if that’s your preference. These can be attached onto the book with tape for a gloss or matte finish.

Repair – the librarian’s essential tool kit

Heavy usage by keen borrowers can result in some sorry looking books, but don’t despair. Whether you’re dealing with ripped or loose pages, stains on the cover or damaged spines, there are products that can help.

Why not set yourself up with a Library Tool Kit so that you can get those books looking fresh and ready to be borrowed again.

Every great Library Tool Kit needs these Top 10 products:

Book repair tapesbook cleanergluescissorsa bone folderheavy duty cutter knifeclear glossy label protectorsa squeegee, a pack of 4-way Rubber H-bands and of course, something to store everything in.

4-way Rubber Band
Clear Glossy Label Protectors
Bone Folder
Book Cleaner
Heavy Dury Cutter
Stackable Caddy Container

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